• March 11, 2021
  • Floris Klaver
  • News

Independent IT advisors step into a Cloud Computing market gap.

Which cloud provider should your organization select? There are many cloud providers on the market such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. Migrating from a traditional data center to the cloud, and selecting the correct cloud services, is a complicated endeavor.

A basic lack of transparency, the proliferation of market players and potential vendor lock-in are pressing issues when transitioning to the cloud. Comparing the different providers is a difficult task, requiring both technical as well as contractual knowledge. Cloud.Compare aims to bring transparency to this market with a tool that simplifies ways to select and optimize cloud services.  The tool compares pricing of compute, storage and database services for the largest cloud vendors: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Has your organization already implemented cloud cost management processes? Then this tool will be an excellent resource for your cloud management team. Quickly get insights into the best compute, storage or database solution for any application you wish to migrate to the cloud. Therefore, this tool is not just for organizations who are just starting on their cloud transition journey, but also for organizations who have a mature cloud environment and cloud cost management. For companies who are struggling with the complexities of the cloud, Cloud.Compare also offers experienced consultants who can help with inventory of your environment and cloud optimization efforts.

Founder Koen Dingjan: “In our discussions on cloud computing, which is a topic of increasing importance in the current IT market, we found that many customers struggle with getting both technical and contractual transparency from the different cloud providers. With our tool we aim to provide independent transparency in the market and allow cloud customers to make well-informed decisions. A careful selection of your services tied to an immediate optimization process can often reduce costs by up to 30%. This tool is a must-have for any cloud architect and FinOps specialist!”

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