Cloud Compare Simplified. Make sense of the services and pricing models of all major Public Cloud Computing Service providers. With Cloud Compare, you will be able to identify where to land your next project or application, optimize your current cloud consumption and reduce your overall cloud bill. Contact Us Cloud Pricing,
Cloud Compare lets you select the type of resource(s) you want to check the pricing for, adjust to your needs based on size, region, currency etc.
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Compare the chosen resources and see where they differentiate whether it being on performance, size, pricing, best region etc.
Based on the input of Cloud Compare you can choose and select the best price for your solution and start saving!
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Cloud Compare - Cloud Cost Optimization

Why have we created Cloud Compare?

Many companies increasingly consume cloud services, often across multiple large providers. Lack of transparency on cloud pricing and resource details leads to difficulties to control costs and optimize spend.

When creating new resources and allocating budgets, IT staff previously needed to use multiple websites to search for pricing and resource information.

  • Now you can use Cloud Compare as your one-stop shop to collect, compare and analyze cloud pricing and resource information for all public cloud providers

How does Cloud Compare work?

Our holistic approach tackles all areas of cloud optimisation: Market data, Internal data & Analysis. The engagement level can range from self-service access to our Cloud Compare engine to a fully managed service.

Periodical cloud spend review supported by automation ensures continued savings and optimized cloud environments. The results we’ve delivered to our customers are typically 10% immediate savings through quick analysis and up to 30% savings through longer and intensive savings optimization engagements.

Cloud Compare - FinOps in practice
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